Diary of a Teenage Stranger

I write about my life. I write about what it feels like to be a teenager in this world. I write about my life. I write about depression and suicide. I write about books and TV. I write about how I got here. I write whatever comes to mind. I show who I am.

Recent Posts:

Just a goodnight thought: Ever since leaving/being in treatment, I began to think that dying was only possible by suicide or old age. I guess when you’re expected to focus on not being suicidal and depressed, that kinda happens. And suddenly, last night as I was about to drift off to bed at 3 AMContinue reading

An Ironic Suicide

A few days ago I called the suicide hotline. Why? That should be pretty self-explanatory. As I sat on the phone listening to the elevator music they play, something struck me as amusing. There was no one on the line. By that, I mean, I’ve been sitting for around 5 minutes twiddling my thumbs waitingContinue reading “An Ironic Suicide”

old friends, new me

We all have that one friend who we knew a while ago. The one who hasn’t been around for the latest version of you. I always hate when that happens. I love and miss her, but she has an impression in her mind of a loud, social butterfly who won’t listen to any rules andContinue reading “old friends, new me”

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